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Being a Mútua’s associated member is to be an active part of the first Portuguese cooperative of insurance consumers, with voting rights.
Mútua develops its activity within a framework of social responsibility, intervening in communities in a sustainable way, not only developing its economic mission as an insurance company, but also promoting and supporting environmental, social and cultural projects and initiatives. Being cooperative is to be an active part of this process, contributing to the strengthening of the cooperative sector and social economy.

Mútua holds decades of experience and leadership in fishing insurances, one of the professional activities with highest risk, whether by protecting professionals or fishing vessels. Mútua has grown and keeps on challenging itself, insuring recreational boating and maritime-tourist activities, quickly becoming market leader! From sea to land, it offers solutions for housing, business, volunteers, cooperative and social organizations, among others. Its way of working is always, with a sense of community service.

Mútua is respected by the insurance sector, by the regulatory and supervisory entities, as well as by the operators of the various activities in which it operates, proving that mutualist and cooperative principles are sustainable and respond effectively to the needs of consumers.

– To hold an insurance Mútua’s policy or being insured by one
– Having a participation quota–minimum €15,00 – unique payment
– To respect the Statutes of Mútua dos Pescadores
– To respect international Cooperative principles and values:

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership
  2. Democratic Member Control
  3. Member Economic Participation
  4. Autonomy and Independence
  5. Education, Training, and Information
  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives
  7. Concern for Community

Mútua has some protocols signed with other entities that give benefits to its associated members, in addition to the discount on the contracted policies, which can be consulted on our website in “Cooperativa”.

Facts and Figures

1942: Created as a Mutual, as part of a government corporate fisheries organization. Responsibilities: Personal Accidents and Marine-Hull insurances.
1954: New responsibility: Workers’ compensation.
1974: It becomes separate from the Government and became a Mutual, run by its members (which were only fishermen, at the time).
1994: Mútua dos Pescadores integrated “Mútua da Sardinha” – Mutual organization created, for the sardine fleet.
2000: It begins working with other maritime sectors – Leisure Craft (reaching 11% of the premiums in less than a decade and Tourism Charter (becoming market leader). Receives the Fisheries Medal of Honour, awarded by the Government.
2004: Granted the status of a cooperative, it becomes the first Portuguese cooperative of insurance consumers.

Strategic Business Areas

  • Fishing Industry (insurance market leader)
  • Leisure Craft and Tourism Charter (insurance market leader)
  • Sea Cluster (Shipyards, Harbours, Commerce…)
  • Cooperative and Social Sector